Blue Crush Ombre Ice Pops

Blue Crush Ombre Ice Pops

These cool, creamy and vegan-friendly treats that have a two tone ombré effect that’s ready for Instagram.

Prep Time: 15 minutes • Cook Time: 0 minutes • Total Time: 15 minutes + 4 hours freezing time • Serves: 10



1. Stir coconut cream with rum until combined. Divide evenly among 10 ice-pop molds.

2. Stir Calypso Colada with blue curacao; slowly pour into each mold. Insert sticks. Freeze for 4 hours or until firm.


  • • Dip mold in a hot water bath for 10 seconds to help release ice-pops. Repeat as necessary.
  • • Replace coconut cream with ice cream if desired