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Does Seagram’s Escapes contain allergens?

Seagram’s Escapes does not contain the top eight allergens acknowledged by the FDA (dairy, soy, wheat, eggs, tree nuts, peanuts, shellfish, and fish), except for Seagram’s Escapes Calypso Colada.

Seagram’s Escapes Calypso Colada contains coconut, which the Food and Drug Administration recognizes as a tree nut. Consult your doctor before drinking this flavor if you are allergic to tree nuts.

In addition, as a malt-based product, Seagram’s Escapes may contain traces of gluten.

Is Seagram’s Escapes gluten free?

Seagram’s Escapes has been crafted to remove gluten. While we work with a third party to test and ensure Seagram’s Escapes is at or below the industry standard of gluten removal, we recommend for those with sensitivities to please consult with your doctor in the chance that there may be gluten traces.

Is Seagram’s Escapes vegan?

Yes! Seagram’s Escapes products are vegan.

Is Seagram’s Escapes certified kosher?

No, Seagram’s Escapes products are not certified Kosher.

Does Seagram’s Escapes contain caffeine?

No, Seagram’s Escapes products do not contain caffeine.

Can you provide more nutritional
information for Seagram’s Escapes?

While Seagram’s Escapes full ingredient list is proprietary, if you have a specific question about an ingredient, or nutritional information we are happy to provide as much information as we can. Please email us at or use the contact form below.

What’s the shelf life of Seagram’s
Escapes products?

Seagram’s Escapes bottled products are best consumed up to one year after being filled, and cans are best consumed up to 9 months after being filled. You can find the fill date on the code printed on the neck/shoulder of the bottle or the bottom of the can. A letter will be first - A=January, B=February, etc. The next two numbers are the day of the month, and the last number is the year. A138 = January 13th, 2018

Where can I find Seagram’s Escapes
products near me?

Seagram’s Escapes is available nationally. To find Seagram’s Escapes near you, input your ZIP in our finder to find your closest retailer.

I see a flavor on the website, but
I can’t find it near me.

We’re working hard to make Seagram’s Escapes available at every retailer nationwide. Until then, we recommend requesting what you’re looking for from your local retailer. Check out our product finder to see what’s available near you now!

Can I order Seagram’s Escapes
products online?

Unfortunately, we do not sell our products directly to consumers. However, you can check local delivery services like Instacart, Drizly or GoPuff to see what’s available via delivery near you.

Do you have any coupons or rebates?

Unfortunately, we’re not legally allowed to distribute coupons to our fans. Check your local retailer for sales and specials!

What kind of alcohol is in Seagram’s Escapes?

Our products are made with a premium malt base.

Is Seagram’s Escapes a wine cooler?

While most Seagram’s Escapes have a malt base, Seagram’s Escapes does produce a limited number of wine-based products in some states due to state regulation. Email or use the contact form below if you’d like more info!

What is the alcohol content of Seagram’s

Seagram’s Escapes contain 3.2% alcohol by volume.

Seagram’s Escapes Spiked products contain 8.0% alcohol by volume.

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